Online censorship, bias, and BBC Scotland

In November 2011, BBC Scotland took the decision to suspend the comment facility on its political blogs online. This was almost 3 years before the historic vote on Scotland’s independence referendum on the 18th of September 2014. This was an opportunity for the public to engage online on a respected public forum of the national state broadcaster on probably the most important subject in Scotland’s recent history.

Denying this platform effectively gives BBC free reign to publish anything they want, without recourse to correction or challenge. Of course, with the ban being on political blogs, their political correspondants can give personal opinions and can sway public opinion as they see fit. The BBC has a Royal Charter to fairly represent all nations, regions and communities. The BBC is also meant to be impartial, but by disabling comments, it is imposing the unionist based political will and sentiments of Brian Taylor and Derek Fraser on us all, without fair and balanced recourse to counter these viewpoints.

A large porportion of the population rely on the BBC as their main source of information, especially for politics and current affairs. Within this demographic, the BBC are regarded unquestioningly as unbiased, fair and reliable, whereas in actuality, they are openly biased, riven with a one sided view in the political spectrum, and willing to deceive the general populace who are not aware of their blatant pro union and pro Scottish Labour agenda.

Have a look at this link here to see the incestuous BBC Scotland news and politics team that we rely on for balanced news and opinion.

It is a bit of an eye opener, isn’t it?


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